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3" Round Flat Brass Grate

A premium 3" brushed satin solid cast brass grate that is secured to a PVC collar with 2 brass screws. The PVC collar can be permanently solvent welded to 3" Sewer & Drain Fittings (SDR 35) or 2" Schedule 40 Pipe to prevent theft. The grate can be easily removed for cleanout. Also available in a 4" model.


  • Grate is manufactured from solid cast brass with satin finish.
  • Collar is manufactured from PVC.
  • Collar can be solvent welded onto Sewer & Drain Pipe or Fittings.
  • Grate can be removed from collar for easy cleaning.
  • A premium product suited for use around highly visible areas.
  • Fits 2" Schedule 40 Pipe and 3" Sewer & Drain Fittings.
  • Grate is secured to PVC collar by 2 brass screws to prevent theft.
  • ADA compliant.


Dimensions: 3.25" diameter x 1.60" height
Weight: 0.30 lbs.
Open Area: 3 sq in
Slot Width: 1/4"
Flow Rating: 4 GPM
Max Load: 500 lbs.   (Maximum load based on weight uniformly applied across entire grate surface.)
Grate Material: Solid Brass
Collar Material: PVC


Sewer & Drain Hub Fittings: 3" (SDR 35)
Schedule 40 Pipe: 2"


A premium round flat satin brushed brass grate and collar that can be used in highly visible areas such as pool decks, malls, hotels and country clubs to remove excess water. Can be used with 2" Schedule 40 Pipe or 3" Sewer & Drain Fittings (SDR 35). Grate can withstand pedestrian and bicycle traffic.