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Powered by Service

Powered by Service

Our mission is to develop and maintain a long lasting and trusting partnership with our distributors, contractors and “Do-It-Yourselfers”. We will listen to your feedback to constantly improve and enhance our products. Our service model includes an industry leading freight policy, same day shipping, 100% fulfillment rate, and accurate product picking so you get the products you want when you need them. We will focus on having our customer service agents thoroughly trained to promptly respond to all of your needs. Whether you have a technical question about one of our products or just need general advice regarding drainage, we will do our best to provide you with friendly expert help you expect.

Why Tempo

You, our customers are our highest priority, and we fully understand that ultimately it will be you who will determine our success. We will go out of our way to ensure that each one of you is completely satisfied with your Tempo customer experience.

Why Our Drainage and Drip Irrigation Products

Tempo offers a complete line of drainage and drip irrigation products for commercial, residential and agricultural applications. Tempo has the eco-friendly products to meet your needs whether you need to remove excess water caused by rain or over-irrigation or you need a drip irrigation system to help conserve water when there is too little rain.

Where To Buy

Tempo products are sold through qualified plumbing and irrigation supply houses. Contact your local supply house, or if you are having difficulty finding our products, please contact us directly and we will make sure you find a distributor of ours.

Made in the USA

Tempo is proud to support our domestic economy by manufacturing virtually all of our products in the U.S.A.


About Us

In the summer of 2010, Tempo was launched, and we introduced a small line of drainage products.

Since then, we have added onto our drainage line and also expanded into the drip irrigation and valve box markets. Today, in addition to our full line of drainage products, we have a complete line of high quality drip irrigation products and valve boxes to meet virtually every irrigation application.

Our engineers continue to work hard to bring you more of the quality products you’ve been asking for and expect from us.

We will continue to listen and quickly respond to your feedback, and we will continue to expand our product offering to solve all your water management needs.

Our responsive service model has not changed despite our continued growth and larger product offering. Our service motto of “Powered by Service” continues to be the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our industry leading freight program, same day shipping commitment and zero backorder guarantee allows our customers to keep inventories low while still having sufficient product on the shelves to meet contractors’ needs

We are very excited by the positive response the market has given us and remain focused on building a world class water management company.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call (888) 90-TEMPO between 8am and 5pm PST or contact us on our website.