Drip Irrigation

Tubing and Risers

Micro-tubing (also known as spaghetti, feeder or distribution tubing) is available in a variety of sizes, coil lengths and materials (polyethylene or vinyl). The polyethylene (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) is stronger and a little stiffer and works well in all weather with the barbed micro-fittings. Vinyl tubing is a lot more flexible but will not adhere to the micro-fittings as well especially in high temperatures and pressures. Micro-tubing is often used as a feeder line from the supply tubing to the dripper or jet. A full range of micro-fittings are available for use with the micro-tubing.

For agricultural projects, feeder tubes with 1/4” adapters (also known as “leads”) are available in 24” and 30 “lengths.

Swing riser tubing is available in coils and is used to make swing riser assemblies used with sprinkler systems. It is available in 100 foot rolls and is manufactured in polyethylene with a flexomer for added flexibility and to prevent kinking.

Rigid risers in different lengths can be used to elevate jets and sprayers. They are made from a higher density polyethylene to be stiffer than the micro-tubing so they will stand erect when supported by a stake.

These risers are also offered as an assembly and are available with an adapter at one end, or mounted on a riser stake or on a 1/2″ male adapter.

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