Drip Irrigation

Drip Emitters

Drip emitters (also known as drippers) are flow controlling devices that deliver a small precise amount of water directly to the plant. Because of the small amount of water delivered, there is very little waste, and drip today is considered the most water conserving watering system available.

Pressure compensating drip emitters deliver a constant amount of water regardless of the pressure. They are very useful when elevation changes are present. They have self piercing barbed inlets for easy insertion into the supply tubing and are available in 3 different flow rates.

Flag drip emitters can be taken apart for cleaning if required. They have a 1/4” barbed inlet which can be inserted directly into supply tubing or it can be inserted directly into micro-tubing. Available in 3 different flow rates.

The take apart adjustable drip emitter is available either with a 1/4” barbed inlet or with a stake. The flow rate can be adjusted from shut-off to a maximum of 2 gph.

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