Swing Riser Pipe

Swing riser tubing is available in coils and is used to make swing riser assemblies used with sprinkler systems. It is available in 100 foot rolls and is manufactured in polyethylene with a flexomer for added flexibility and to prevent kinking.


  • Extruded from the finest quality resins
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • UV resistant, contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black, an antioxidant that protect the tubing from thermal degradation
  • Supported by quality control standard and processes to ensure consistent coils productions
  • Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength


  • Operating Pressure: up to 80 PSI
  • Burst Pressure: 325 PSI
  • Available in lengths of 100′
  • Other lengths available by request
  • Size: 0.490″ ID x 0.690″ OD


Can be used with Funny Pipe Fittings.

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