Micro-tubing (also known as spaghetti, feeder or distrbution tubing) is available in a variety of sizes, coil lengths and materials (polyethylene or vinyl). The polyethylene (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) is stronger and a little stiffer and works well in all weather with the barbed micro-fittings. Vinyl tubing is a lot more flexible but will not adhere to the micro-fittings as well especially in high temperatures and pressures. Micro-tubing is often used as a feeder line from the supply tubing to the dripper or jet. A full range of micro-fittings are available for use with the micro-tubing.

SKU: T185, T220, T250, T185V, T220V, T250V


  • Extruded from the finest quality resins
  • UV resistant, contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black, an antioxidant that protect the tubing from thermal degradation
  • Supported by quality control standard and processes to ensure consistent coils productions
  • Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength


  • Operating pressure: up to 40 PSI
  • Polyethylene Material: Dow 7510 linear low-density polyethylene resin with a minimum of 2% carbon black
  • Available in lengths of 50′, 100′, 500′, 1,000′, 1,250′, 1,500′, and 2,000′
  • Other lengths available by request
  • Poly available in three sizes: 0.125″ ID x 0.187″ OD – 0.160″ ID x 0.220″ OD – 0.170″ ID x 0.250″ OD
  • Vinyl available in one additional size: 0.155″ ID x 0.250″ OD


Can be used with drip emitters, micro-sprays or micro-sprinklers in above or below grade installation.

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