1/4″ Cobra™ Dripperline

1/4” Cobra™ dripperline is an ideal product to install to water small lansdcape areas. It consists of 1/4” poly tubing with 1/2 gph drippers pre-inserted into the tubing at predetermined constant spacing. Available with spacing between drippers of either 6”, 9” or 12”. Use with any 1/4” barbed micro-fitting.

SKU: ED12BL/100, ED9BL/100, ED6BL/100, ED12BR/100, ED6BR/100, ED12BL/50, ED6BL/50, ED6BR/50


  • Used above ground or under mulch for a variety of applications such as general landscaping, containers and narrow plantings
  • Large labyrinth water passage and turbulent flow help reduce clogging
  • Inlet filter helps prevent particles from entering the drip emitter labyrinth path
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscape applications
  • Flexible tubing for easy installation
  • Two outlets per drip emitter ensure less chance of clogging


  • Operating pressure: 15-30 PSI
  • Dripperline color: black or brown
  • Tubing Size: 1/4″ (0.170″ ID x 0.250″ OD)
  • Spacing: 6″, 9″ or 12″
  • Available in 50′, 100′, 500′ or 1,000′ coils
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh

1/4″ Cobra™ Dripperline

15 psi 20 psi 30 psi
0.45 gph 0.50 gph 0.60 gph


Spacing Max Length of Run
6″ 18′
9″ 25′
12″ 32′


Can be used with all standard 1/4″ barbed micro-fittings.

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