Rhino™ Compensating Emitters

Pressure compensating drip emitters (PC Emitters) deliver a consistent output of water, even with changes in elevation or pressure due to long drip runs. These drip irrigation emitters are best used in landscapes and gardens that have changes in elevation or longer drip runs that would otherwise lead to inconsistent flowrates.


  • Pressure compensating from 10 – 50 psi
  • Consistent output regardless of water pressure changes
  • Pressure compensation enables the use of longer laterals
  • Self piercing barbed inlet for installation into supply tubing (may be installed without a hole punch)
  • Can also be used with 1/4″ micro-tubing
  • When installed directly into supply tubing, distribution tubing can be attached to barbed outlet
  • The turbulent flow labyrinth with silicon diaphragm design provides a self-cleaning mechanism to minimize clogging
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Color coded for easy flow rate identification
  • Built-in anti-siphon valve to prevent dirt suck back into emitter


  • 0.5 gph color code – red
  • 1.0 gph color code – black
  • 2.0 gph color code – green
  • Operating pressure: 10-50 psi
  • Inlet size: 1/4″ self piercing barb
  • Outlet size: 1/4″ barb
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh
  • Barbs fit 0.160″ to 0.170″ ID poly or vinyl tubing

Rhino™ Compensating Emitters

Part No. 10 psi 15 psi 20 psi 30 psi 40 psi 50 psi
ERC5 0.55 gph 0.55 gph 0.60 gph 0.60 gph 0.60 gph 0.60 gph
ERC10 1.00 gph 1.10 gph 1.10 gph 1.15 gph 1.15 gph 1.15 gph
ERC20 1.80 gph 2.15 gph 2.15 gph 2.10 gph 2.10 gph 2.10 gph


Can be used with 1/4″ micro-tubing and 1/2″ or 3/4″ supply tubing. If installing directly in to 1/2″ or 3/4″ supply tubing, emitter can be inserted directly without use of a hole punch. If installed like this, 1/4″ micro-tubing may be attached to emitter outlet and routed to plant. Also, a bug plug may be used to protect end of micro- tubing from bugs entering tubing. To prevent dirt from entering drip emitter, a 6″ support stake may be used to keep emitter and end of tubing up above the ground.

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