8 Outlet Adjustable Bubbler

The 8 outlet adjustable bubblers are ideal to water small trees and shrubs. They mounted on to a 1/2″ nipple and the flowrate through each outlet can be adjusted from shut-off to 30 gph. Standard 1/4″ tubing is normally attached to each outlet to direct the water to the desired location.


  • Easily mounted on to 1/2″ threaded nipple
  • Swivel nut allows bubbler to be rotated even when tubing is attached to outlet elbows
  • Each outlet is independently controlled
  • Adjusting tool provided with each bubbler
  • Outlets can be shut-off
  • Orange valves on top to adjust flowrates
  • 1/4″ tubing easily attaches to swivel barbed outlets
  • Constructed of UV resistant engineering grade plastic materials


  • Inlet size: 1/2″ FIPT Swivel
  • Outlet size: 1/4″ barbed elbows
  • Barbed elbows fit 0.160″ to 0.170″ ID poly or vinyl tubing
  • Max operating pressure: 45 psi
  • Valves can be adjusted for zero flow
  • Maximum flow per outlet: 30 gph @ 45 psi
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh

8 Outlet Adjustable Bubbler

Part No. 20 psi 30 psi 45 psi
EAB8 18 gph 22 gph 30 gph


Can be used with a 1/2″ threaded nipple and standard 1/4″ poly or vinyl tubing.

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