Quick Lock™ Fittings

Quick Lock fittings are becoming more popular as the distribution tubing can more easily be removed and the fitting can be re-used. They are similar to the insert fitting but have an external locking nut which needs to be tightened to get a secure connection. Simply loosen the nut if the tubing needs to be removed. Quick-Lock fittings are available as couplings, tees, elbows, plugs and hose adapters. Available for 4 different tubing sizes ranging from 1/2” to 1”.

SKU: FQLC600, FQLC700, FQLC800, FQLT600, FQLT700, FQLT800, FQLL600, FQLL700, FQLL800, FQLSTW600, FQLSTW700, FQLSTW800, FQLST600, FQLST700, FQLST800, FQLEP600, FQLEP700, FQLEP800, FQLSAW600, FQLSAW700, FQLSAW800, FQLSA600, FQLSA700, FQLSA800, FQLC1000, FQLT1000, FQLST1000, FQLSTW1000


  • Secure and easy installation without glue or clamps
  • Reusable
  • Large inside diameter for maximum flow
  • UV-resistant
  • Four sizes to fit 1/2″ or 1″ drip tubing (from 0.590″ to 1.085″ ID tubing)


  • Operating pressure: 45 PSI max


Series Tubing Nominal Size Inside Diameter Range Wall Thickness Range
600 0.600″ ID x 0.700″ OD (18mm) 0.590″ to 0.630″ (15.0 mm to 16.0 mm) 0.040″ to 0.050″ (1.02 mm to 1.27 mm)
700 0.720″ ID x 0.820″ OD (20mm) 0.700″ to 0.740″ (17.8 mm to 18.8 mm) 0.045″ to 0.055″ (1.14 mm to 1.40 mm)
800 0.820″ ID x 0.940″ OD (3/4″) 0.800″ to 0.840″ (20.3 mm to 21.3 mm) 0.055″ to 0.065″ (1.40 mm to 1.65 mm)
1000 1.060″ ID x 1.200″ OD (1″) 1.035″ to 1.085″ (26.3 mm to 27.6 mm) 0.065″ to 0.075″ (1.65 mm to 1.90 mm)



Can be used with 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ or 1″ drip tubing with inside diameters ranging from 0.590″ to 1.085″.

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