3/4″ Ball Valves

The 3/4″ ball valves are available with a single or double outlet. Both have a 3/4″ FHT inlet and 3/4″ MHT outlet (s) and can be connected to a hose bibb, faucet, spigot, or hydrant. The Y-ball valve with 2 outlets allows for the connection of a drip system(s) to a hose faucet while still providing access for an additional outlet. The ball valves are also popular in the agricultural market and are sometimes used with an IPS hose adapter to manually control flow to different zones in the irrigation system. The single outlet ball valve may also be used at the bottom of a Y-filter for easy clean out.



  • Large inside diameter for maximum flow
  • Watertight seal with inlet O-rings
  • Large handle for easy manual control
  • Rapid 1/4″ turn on and off
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material


  • Operating pressure: up to 75 PSI
  • Inlet: 3/4″ FHT
  • Outlet(s): 3/4″ MHT
  • Materials: high impact UV resistant plastic


Can be used with IPS hose adpaters, hose bibb, garden faucet or Y-filters.

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