Drip Zone Kits

A Drip Zone Kit combines a Y-Filter, Pressure Regulator, 1″ MIPT x 3/4″ FIPT Reducer Bushing and a 3/4″ MIPT adapter to connect with 1/2″ irrigation supply tubing into one package. This kit makes it easy for contractors and homeowners to grab a bag and go and has everything they would need to create a drip irrigation zone.

SKU: FDZK2071, FDZK3071


  • Kit contains our most popular filter and pressure regulators to get your drip irrigation system installed quickly


  • Maximum inlet pressure: 150 PSI
  • Preset pressure rating: 20 PSI or 30 PSI
  • Flow rates: 0.1 to 8 GPM
  • 150 mesh polyester screen
  • Filter inlet and outlet size: 3/4″ MIPT
  • Fits either 0.700″ or 0.710″ OD tubing


Can be used with 1/2″ (0.700″ or 0.710″ OD) irrigation supply tubing.

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