Drip Irrigation

Swing Riser Fittings and Assemblies

Swing riser fittings are also known as funny pipe fittings. Each fitting has a spiral barb for easy attachment to the swing riser pipe and for a watertight seal. Numerous fittings are available including barbed couplings, barbed tees, barbed by threaded elbows and Marlex street elbows. Available in both 1/2’” and 3/4” sizes.

These fittings are used with swing riser pipe to make assemblies to be used with underground sprinklers and rotors. Available with both 1/2″ and 3/4″ pipe threaded connections, swing joint assemblies help protect sprinklers and rotors from damage. They provide flexibility so that rigid PVC pipes or risers do not break when a sprinkler head is run over or stepped on. Available in both 6” and 12” assemblies.

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